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We’re a group of Money Transit Professional.

We’re a group of Money Transit Professional.
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We Accept All Cryptocurrencies and other forms of payment. Your anonimity counts
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Balance transfers for all



Most Importantly


Well, most intermediate carders know what balance transfers are but for you newbies I will explain. Due to more and more advanced security, most new carders find it difficult cashing out cards, PayPal accounts etc; this is why there are services called balance transfers. Let me give you heads up, not everyone can do untraceable balance transfers, so if you do look up online make sure you get the right people to do it…


Now, how does it work? Firstly you need to know what kind of balance transfer you need. Let’s say a banking balance transfer. We will need to know your bank details (see “What we need” to know what we will need to get the transfer done), and then we will charge you a percentage based on the balance you need. Example, you will need $15,000, we charge 7% so that’s $1050 you need to pay us. I know what you’re thinking “I get them to pay the money into my account and then I will pay them”, nope, is not going to happen, as much as we would love to trust you this is the black market.

Most Importantly
  • Most Balance Transfers will be completed within 24 hours after the commission has been paid
  • All balance transfers' commissions MUST be paid BEFORE commencing the balance transfer to you
  • Commissions on balance transfers are paid with Bitcoin only
  • We will need some info from you (see “Informations We Need” tab in the "Order Now" Page)
  • Transfers can be made from any country to any country
  • Pricing can be found on the table above
  • PayPal accounts must be no younger than 1 month old
  • When you provide a name for Western Union and MoneyGram transfers make sure you have an ID matching.
  • You will receive the MTCN for Western Union and reference number for MoneyGram
  • Once the order has been placed it cannot be stopped
  • No back tracking to you. We open dummy accounts to transfer the funds and then transferred to you
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